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Why is billing child's play for the European childcare leader ?

Discover how Opencell supports Babilou in the transformation of its information system




A solution for every industry

Opencell works for all types of businesses

Telecom, cloud & IoT

Opencell’s robust usage-based pricing capability and scalable technology make it the preferred choice for incumbents and new operators looking for an agile BSS solution.

With many references, we created a solution that includes market communication interfaces with wholesale energy distributors.

Energy & utilities

Industry deregulation and technological change alter the business model of energy and utility companies. Opencell provides an agile and scalable platform that can respond to multiple scenarios, including converged billing for multiple services, real-time/prepaid billing using smart meters, etc.

Mobility & transport

Mobility services are transforming the way transportation is used and purchased, encouraging the shift away from ownership or long-term leasing and the adoption of use-based consumption and multiple intermodal services. We work to implement new business models based on usage-based or subscription-based revenue.